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Fines for SATNAV Users Heading underline

Fines for SATNAV Users

A simple mistake by Satellite Navigation device users is getting them in trouble with the law and landing them with hefty fines.

Greater Manchester Police recently issued a warning to drivers who use satellite navigation devices in their vehicle. The warning came after Greater Manchester Police pulled over a driver because of the placement of their SatNav.

They pulled the driver over on the hard shoulder to make them aware of the dangers of mounting their SatNav on the area of the windscreen directly above the steering wheel column. Such placement is considered dangerous because it causes an obstruction to the driver’s view of the road. Police later tweeted:

“This vehicle was stopped and driver given advice regarding the placement of his Sat Nav.

“This was clearly obstructing his view and directly in his line of sight.

“You must have a full clear view of the road and traffic ahead, obstructing this is an offence. #drivesafe”

A Police spokesman later added: “There were two child passengers in the car which led us to take immediate action. The driver having been given advice removed the sat nav to a more appropriate place.”

On this occasion the driver was issued with a Traffic Offence Report (TOR) but was then allowed to continue their journey without a fine or subsequent punishment. However, the apparently lenient stance of Police in this instance is not guaranteed for every motorist who is stopped in such circumstances – with drivers liable to receive hefty fines for what is considered to be driving dangerously.

Police have also taken the opportunity to remind road users that is illegal to hold a phone or sat nav while driving or riding a motorcycle. Indeed, with the advent of new technology there is an ever greater emphasis by law makers and Police on ensuring that mod-cons do not jeopardise the safety of road users. Other technology has also emerged to make our mod-cons safer to use including devices that provide hands-free access, such as a Bluetooth headset, voice command, a dashboard holder or mat, a windscreen mount and a built-in sat nav.

Of course, a whole new generation of youngsters who have grown up with such technology will soon be taking to the roads. It is therefore vitally important that they are taught from the outset how to use their mod-cons safely. Naturally, the responsibility of educating our youngsters on road safety rests on the shoulders of those on the ground day in and day out – Driving Instructors.

The role of a Driving Instructor is about more than simply getting a learner driver through their test; it is about educating new drivers on as many aspects of vehicle and road safety as practicable. Using modern devices safety is just one of those aspects. Are you up for the challenge? If you are looking for job satisfaction, flexible working hours and the opportunity to be your own boss then a career as a Driving Instructor might just be for you. To find out more about how to make this career a change a reality, head over to today and take your first steps on the road to becoming a driving instructor!

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