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Volvo cars to start talking Heading underline

Volvo cars to start talking

Volvo Cars will soon be ‘talking’ to each other in real-time about upcoming road hazards via their inbuilt GPS systems.

From later this week (week commencing 22nd April 2019) a new update will be rolled-out by Volvo to all of its new models that have an inbuilt GPS system. This will enable the vehicles to update each other about road hazards throughout country via its cloud-based system.

This information will then be used to inform drivers if they are heading towards a potentially dangerous stretch of road and allow them to adjust their driving accordingly. So, if your Volvo were to detect a hazard – such as a pothole, fallen tree, collision, or icy surface – it will flag it to other road users on their own GPS system.

This groundbreaking technology will be arriving in Volvo vehicles across UK and Europe later this week after successful trials were carried out on the roads of Sweden and Norway as far back as 2016.

This development comes as Swedish vehicle manufacturer Volvo continues to invest in a pioneering range of safety-orientated technology designed to decrease accident frequency. Indeed, Volvo have already implemented a new plan to install speed limiters on their vehicles which would limit them to 112mph (180kph). They also have plans to install small cameras in their cars, designed to detect if the driver of the vehicle is drunk. If the vehicle were to detect that the driver is under the influence of an intoxicating substance it would take control of the vehicle and bring it to a safe stop at the side of the road.

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