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Driving instructor amongst the best paid driving jobs

Working as a Driving Instructor is reportedly among the most lucrative driving jobs in the United Kingdom.

According to recently released statistics reported upon in the Sun newspaper, Driving Instructors have been shown to be among the best paid workers when it comes to driving jobs in the UK. 

Indeed, it has been shown that top earning Driving Instructors can net in excess of £50,000 per annum, with 15% of Driving Instructors ranking in an enviable £1,000 per week!
This is in stark contrast to other driving jobs. Many consider HGV drivers to be among the best earners but with drivers earning around £27,000 per year, top Driving Instructors are earning almost double that.

The money earned by top Driving Instructors looks even more favourable when compared to delivery drivers who reportedly take home the comparatively low sum of £18,500 per year.

You may be wondering what the average Driving Instructor takes home each week. Well, industry statistics show that working only a 29 hour week, the average female Driving Instructor brings home around £750.00 per week, with their male counterparts taking home slightly less at around £710.00 per week.

This is why an increasing number of people in the UK are choosing to switch careers and become a Driving Instructor. Besides the obvious financial rewards, there are a number of other aspects of the job that are proving to be the key factor in prompting people to take the plunge. 

For instance, did you know that as a Driving Instructor you are your own boss? Not only do you pick the hours you work, you also decide if and how quickly you want it to grow. You may be under the umbrella of a large driving school such as My Four Wheels, but this is YOUR business and YOU get to decide if, when and how you want to expand. In addition with a driving school such as My Four Wheels, there is no need to worry when it comes to finding work once you have qualified. 

From day one they guarantee you enough enquiries to keep you busy. With their nationwide reputation and industry contacts they are able to ensure that you will never be short of opportunities to gain new students. They will regularly provide you with the contact details of people in your local area who are interested in learning to drive the rest is then up to you!

If you are looking for job satisfaction, flexible working hours and the opportunity to be your own boss then a career as a Driving Instructor might just be for you. To find out more about how to make this career a change a reality, head over to today and take your first steps on the road to becoming a driving instructor!

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