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How Many Driving Lessons Do You Need?

We get it, becoming a new driver is an expensive ordeal. You have the cost of your theory and practical test, your car itself along with it’s insurance, tax and fuel to put in it…so wanting to spend as little on your driving lessons makes total sense. The quicker you can get up to test standard, the least you’ll have to pay to your driving instructor, so just how quickly can you do it?


How many driving lessons do you need?

There is no minimum number of driving lessons you will need, and it’s in no way an exact science, but most driving instructors will agree that between 35-45 hours is about right. 

How quickly you pick things up will ultimately determine how quickly you’ll be able to get to test standard, and everyone learns at different rates, so you may well take fewer hours…or you made need that little bit of extra tuition compared to your mates. It’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, it’s about passing your test, not how quickly you did it!


Should you learn with friends or relatives?

We would always recommend if possible, having some hours with friends or family to practice what you have learnt with your instructor. However, there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • We’ve all heard the horror stories of Mum or Dad yelling when something doesn’t quite go to plan. This can have a hugely detrimental effect on your driving and can cause real anxiety making your driving instructors job that little bit harder. So if your friends or family are perhaps not the most calming individuals, perhaps it’s better to find someone else!

  • The chances are, whoever you choose to drive privately with has been driving for a good number of years. The test they took back in the day will be very different from what it is today, and over the years they’ll have picked up several bad habits. So, whilst it’s a good idea to substitute the hours you have with an instructor, it certainly isn’t a good idea to replace them completely. 


How many lessons do I need a week?

This is a fantastic question that we are asked daily. It’s obvious that the more lessons you have a week, the quicker you’ll get up to test standard, however, it’s important to not overload yourself. 

Many of you will have heard of intensive courses, where you take many lessons in a short amount of time with your practical test booked in for the end. At My Four Wheels, we find that semi-intensive courses work better. It gives you time to digest the information learnt, enables you to relax a little bit more, and overall is a much more pleasant experience. 

For most people though, 1-2 lessons a week is absolutely fine. It’s important that your lessons are two hours and not one hour, that enables you to get more packed into the time and takes into account the travelling time needed to get from your home to where your instructor wants to do the lesson. 


“I’ve already had some lessons, how many more do I need?”

Again, another realty common question for us, and the honest answer is “we don’t know”. If you want to gain some insight into how many more hours, you’ll need to get up to test standard, the best thing to do is book an assessment lesson with one of our instructors. 

The assessment lesson lasts 1.5 hours and gives your instructor a really good opportunity to see what your driving skillset is like. Afterwards, they’ll be able to give you an idea of how many hours of tuition you’ll need to get you ready to pass your practical exam. 


Does your driving instructor affect how many lessons you need?

Yes! Choosing the right instructor or school to learn to drive with is incredibly important. It’s not about who has the cheapest hourly price, the best special offers, or the nicest car…it’s about who is best at teaching you the skills you need to get you to pass. 

Getting on with your instructor is so important, luckily all of the instructors at My Four Wheels are not only highly qualified…but they’re lovely people as well! 

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