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What happens on your first driving lesson?

The day has finally arrived, your first driving lesson has fast approached and now your driving instructor is sitting outside. But don’t worry, it’s unlikely you’ll be hopping into the driving seat right away. We’ll walk you through what’s likely to happen on your first driving lesson (which by the way, we fully recommend booking for two hours!). 

Will you be in the driving seat? 
Not right away, your instructor will pick you up to take you to a safe and quiet location.

Your instructor will most likely ask if you’ve had any experience in driving a vehicle whether it be previous lessons and/or driving a parents/guardians car, in addition to any knowledge of how a car works. 

What happens when you’re in the driving seat? 
Once you’re in a safe and quiet location, you’ll swap seats with the instructor. From here on out you’ll be in the driving seat, discovering the basics of the car controls such as: 
  • Clutch (biting point and how to find it)
  • Accelerator 
  • Brake
  • Changing gear
  • Operating handbrake 
  • Using the indicator. 

That may seem straightforward, but when you’re new to being in a car it’s important to be somewhere quiet where you can become familiar with the controls of the vehicle. Even if you’ve had past experience, every car is different so it’s really important you take the advice on board. 

Before you start to drive, the instructor will show you how and when to check your mirrors, plus your blind spots and how/when to check them too. A blind spot is different for everyone, so don’t be afraid if you can’t see something your instructor can, they’ll help you identify ways around this. 

Next up is driving
Once you’re in the driving seat and have a grasp on the above, your instructor will get you started with driving. There’s no reason to be nervous, stalling will likely happen, mistakes will be made but the most important thing here is your learning with one of the best driving schools in the UK. 

You’ll even be shown how to park in your first lesson, this may be parallel parking or it may be a simple curb-side park, but either way, our dedicated instructors will have you mastering the basics in no time. 

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