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Why become a driving instructor

If you are looking for the freedom to choose your own hours, to build your own business and the potential to make a good living, then becoming a Driving Instructor may just be the career opportunity you’ve been looking for!
Being a Driving Instructor not only requires you to be confident in your own driving ability but also to possess the communication skills and patience to pass on that knowledge to your students. Like most things in life, the more effort you put in, the greater the rewards are likely to be – being a Driving Instructor is no different. If you are able to build a good rapport with your students, they will not only keep coming back but also recommend you to their friends and family. Before you know it, you will have a waiting list full of students wanting to learn with you.

Sound good? If so, read on to discover just some of the benefits of training to become a Driving Instructor.

Plenty of Work
Come rain or shine, there are always people wanting to learn to drive. According to the latest statistics released by the RAC 74% of people aged 17 or over in the UK hold a driving license – and those are only the ones who passed their test! With an ever growing population and increasingly expensive and inefficient public transport, the future is certainly looking bright for Driving Instructors.

As a Driving Instructor you pick and choose how many lessons you give per day; you are in complete control of your own diary. No boss to answer to, no minimum hours, no daily 9-5 grind. There are not many jobs that will allow you to make a good living whilst also providing you with the flexibility to work around family, childcare and other such commitments. Need some extra money for a summer holiday or the dreaded Christmas shop? No problem, put a few extra lessons in your diary!

Be your own Boss
As a Driving Instructor you are your own boss. Not only do you pick the hours you work, you also decide if and how quickly you want it to grow. You may be under the umbrella of a large driving school such as My Four Wheels, but this is YOUR business and YOU get to decide if, when and how you want to expand.
Aside from becoming a qualified Driving Instructor, there are plenty of further courses and qualifications that you can attain in order to expand your market and charge more for your time. You also get to choose the vehicle you use. You may want to dive straight in at the top end and get yourself an Audi Q3, alternatively you may opt for something like a Ford Fiesta and upgrade your car as your business grows. On top of that, you have access to a sparkling new car for use in your leisure time, without having to worry about the cost of its ongoing maintenance.

Guaranteed Enquiries
You may be wondering what happens straight after you qualify. How many people will be interested in learning to drive with you? How will you get your name out there? With My Four Wheels, there is no need to worry on that front. From day one we guarantee you enough enquiries to keep you busy. With our nationwide reputation and industry contacts we are able to ensure that you will never be short of opportunities to gain new students. We will regularly provide you with the contact details of people in your local area who are interested in learning to drive the rest is up to you!

Ongoing Support
The support we provide does not just end once you qualify as a Driving Instructor. We will continue to be there to help you grow your business and make everyday life that little bit easier. Aside from providing you with new enquiries on a regular basis, our staff will also man the phones for you whilst you are out earning money. That’s right, our customer service representatives will answer calls from your new and existing clients and book lessons into your online diary in accordance with the times and dates that you have set as being available. We will even process card payments from your students with 100% of the money being paid directly into your bank account!
So, if you think you have what it takes to become a Driving Instructor head over to our website ( or call us on 0808 281 2709 to begin your journey to a more fulfilling career.

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